FABIEN PRUVOT DELESALLE | Writer/Director Docente all’Università Internazionale di Monaco

Fabien started as a fashion photographer in Europe and worked for designers and magazines and moved slowly into the world of commercials.

In 1998, he moved to Los Angeles as many of his clients were in the US. This is where he puts together his first independent feature film as a Director and Producer: “Sin’s Kitchen” with Jeffrey Wright. The movie was a very low budget, but sold immediately to Cable. In the mist of this success he is hired to direct another very low budget TV movie with Eric Roberts: “Killer Weekend” for Disney Buena Vista International, and decides to produce “Shottas”, the most successful Jamaican feature film to date, staring Kymany Marley and Wyclef Jean. The film was in competition at the Toronto film festival and bought by Sony Pictures for theatrical release. At the same time, Fabien keeps shooting fashion, commercial s and music video to feed his creativity. He worked with Allen Daviau on a Barbara Boxer commercial.

“Devil’s Highway” is his next film, a low budget that wins best feature film and best photography at the New York independent film festival. Fabien’s next film is “Japan”, staring Peter Fonda.

Then Fabien moves back to Paris to write and direct a TV show for Canal plus. It is also a time to focus on a new carrier as a writer and create deeper and more serious projects. In the next five years he will write and direct four documentaries for France TV, a film with French icon Robert Hossein, a TV pilot and as he reconnects with the French music videos, he won the award of the victoire de la musique with Zaz: « je veux ».
Next, Fabien directs a documentary on the Jamaican star, Sean Paul, the dancehall king, for France TV, a mini-series “Riviera” and more music videos and commercials…